Why Construction Set Printing Is Alive & Well

One of the most important steps of the building process is having a set of plans. It is no secret that these plans are not only vital to the construction phase, but also for obtaining a building permit. Most jurisdictions require property owners to submit one or two copies of their building plans to be reviewed before issuing a permit. This also includes a site plan, which shows where on the property the building will be erected. While electronic (usually pdf) files are common, and sometimes cheaper to obtain, not everyone has access to the equipment to print these often large documents. Since building departments, planning & zoning committees, and your contractor/subcontractors all need a copy, folks often find themselves in search of affordable solutions to print their building plans and related material needed to get their project underway.

It is one thing to have plans, but where do you go to get copies made? Assuming of course that your plans enable you to make copies (check with the architect or place of purchase for copyright licensing information), your local print shop can usually take these plans and make the appropriate copies needed. Most building departments require your plans to be either 11×17 or 24×36, depending on the code. These can range in price from a few dollars to over $100. Even some of the office retailers like Staples offers these online, but you can expect to pay quite a sum when they add in shipping costs.

At MailPro Solutions, we have the ability to copy plans of most sizes, in store or online. We professionally handle, pack, and ship your order to arrive timely and efficiently. We may not beat out the competition in prices as they appear online, but we use USPS priority mail and offer lower shipping costs, where our competitors seem to get the most out of their customers. Contact us to get a quote today!

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