Mail Pro Solutions does more than just printing and mailing. We have the ability to handle all your document processing needs. From customer/client/employee correspondences and communications to scanning and uploading any postal communication, we can handle it all; inbound and outbound.

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Mail Processing

Our mail processing service provides clients with a virtual mailroom. We process and scan mail for clients, upload them for email receipt, and can store the original documents for later access.

What makes this feature great is the lack of needing to waste company resources on setting up and managing an onsite mail room and overhead costs. Our employees can handle several clients and ensure fast and accurate service.

Types of Documents We Handle

We handle the following types of documents for clients:

  • Customer Invoices
  • Customer correspondences
  • Employee forms and notices
  • Junk mail sorting
  • And much more

There is no job too little or too small. We create customized solutions to meet your needs.